First live stream dive to D/S Norge, 200m depth

On 8th and 9th May 2019, SubseaX joined forces with the Norwegian Maritime Museum and Saasatad AS to achieve the first ever live dive to DS Norge at 200m depth in the Kristiansand fjord. SubseaX organised the live stream of the underwater survey to the Norwegian Maritime Museum and Youtube and was involved in the complete project planning and execution.

The video stream was broadcasted to the Maritime Museum live with ultra low latency, enabling live communication and exchanges between the public following the event at the museum and the team offshore. As one of the first of its kind, the public could get involve in real time in the first exploration of a newly identified shipwreck. The event was then restreamed to Youtube for wide reach. The Youtube chat proved very active and questions from online viewers were also relayed back to the archeologist and ROV pilot on site!

Despite bad weather, bad visibility underwater and high risk ROV operation, the project was successful on all aspects: marine archeology, offshore operations, media impact and live public engagement.

The incredible amount of fishing gear stuck around the wreck at 200m depth was another timely example of the impact of seabottom trawling and lost fishing gear. For our survey, trawling nets and ropes floating in mid-water above the wreck also constituted a very high entanglement risk for ROV operations.

We already look forward to the next event and thank the Norwegian Maritime Museum for the opportunity to contribute to this unique project!

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Live stream replay here:

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